"We are Family" - Some impressions about us

Habeeba an me, Raouf Abbas

Maheera, Rama, Lady Moon an me, Raouf Abbas

Our beloved mare Habeebah (deceased 2009), my son Al Hassan an me

Riding through the desert gives you a historical and unbelievable feeling.

My friend Adlan an me in the desert close to our stable area

Adlan (Adl x Fenoun) was a good friend - Gone but not forgotten!

left: Zahwa by Tallahsman, a wonderful daughter out of our Habeebah. We have lost her 2007,
but we kept her daughter Zohour - right: Maheera with Al Hassan

Raimund Wöhr (left), breeder of our stallion Shaikh el Arab (right) and one of my best friends

left: friends relaxing together - there is always something to talk about
right: me as a show judge (my training)

Photos: © Private, J.Jonientz